Die Große Große Sage

The Great Great Saga is based on an interpretation of the old norse texts, as well as old place names and modern historical and archeological research. A register with over 1,200 key words (many more will also be added later) was created in the extensive work that was needed to reach a synthesis out of this, often contradicting, material. In the left column ”objective” information from external sources are found. In the right column the author’s own subjective interpretation is presented. Apart from the opportunity to penetrate deeper into the depths of the book’s abstract reality, the reader also get the opportunity to decide for himself/herself how historically credible it is.

”Often my conclusions have felt evidently logical and correct, even though I have had no source supporting me. Sometimes later such support has been found, which has felt encouraging, yet a bit displeasing – I wasn’t the first after all! Sometimes the lack of information makes my assumptions as probable as any other’s. Only in few exceptions I have felt compelled to apply solutions that contradicts the most logic ones, and in no case have I neglected proven scientific evidence (at least not intentionally). Even so, this is of course still fiction, and my first aim is to entertain, sometimes also to provoke. Some who particularly would make me feel pleased to see provoked are those who represent the ultra source critical school of historical and archeological science, whose lack of nerve and uninspiring deeds, not only have flushed most older, yet brilliant scientific analysis away, but also have reduced history lessons to sleeping pills for generations of pupils.”

The author apologize for the register’s poor language quality and lack of completeness. There is mix of Swedish and English sometimes and a complete translation into English or German is not at this point considered. The original thought was never to publish this information, but to use it as a tool for keeping track of the story. All key words are not updated – new ideas may have led to a changed synopsis and change of personal names. The bulk of the most updated information is yet not transfered into this register (but is stored as Excel comments, that needs to be converted by tedious manual work or a smart macro). The register will be updated, improved and complemented perpetually, perhaps even translated. A register of characters with birth and death year as well as closest relatives may be released. By this the reader will find that the Saga holds together, both in time and space. Also a chronological register exists, which if released would make it possible to see what took place a certain year. However, before this happens, it must be carefully considered how much should be made public without disclosing too much of the story of the book. Stay put, and you will see!

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