The Great, Great Saga...

The story of Yngve takes place at the end of the Iron Age, the same time period where Beowulf, Widsith and parts of the Ynglinga Saga collect their material. This could be the truth behind the names and events we read about in the Icelandic sagas, compiled into one great saga. Both the story and the descriptions rest heavily on modern archeology and research on old place names. The numerical mystery of the runes, the fated sword blades and the treasures of golden rings are gathered from real finds, surviving written sources and scientific theory. The story of Alva goes back to the end of the Nordic Bronze Age, whose connection with the contemporary Greek civilization is gaining increasing support in modern research. Myths and the worship of gods play a large part in the struggle for power, and through the texts in Me, we soon start to see an origin of beliefs dating back to the days of the Phoenicians, the ancient Persians and the Sumerians.

”The Great Great Saga” is the title of one of Sweden’s most ambitious book projects, so far more than 10,000 hours have been spent over a three year period in creating a coherent background story, based on facts as well as existing myth. An outline prepared down to chapter level is now created. Who might die or survive – and in that case how – is thus already decided… Out of experience, it is reasonable to assume further expansions when actual writing starts and another creative process comes into gear. A rough estimate would therefore count in total no less than twelve titles when completed. A magical figure indeed!

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