The Great Great Saga is a book project that – so far – demanded over 10,000 hours work. An exact and very detailed world has been created, in a past where written sources are scarce but still provides enough clues to let the puzzle be laid. The more or less mythical characters of the Sagas has been dated and placed, both geographically and in family trees, and a synthesis has thus emerged. If this is factual or fiction no one can say, but it is for sure a possible truth, maybe more likely than any other so far presented.

Over the moon reviews!

“The theme is popular and the writing is of good quality… enjoyed reading the synopsis and can definitely see the appeal of “The Fire-Smoked… I read your submitted material as well and can see its potential… I would suggest to submit your series late in 2016 to Crossing US again”

Matthias Kühr, Translation Manager, Amazon Publishing, DE

“There is much to recommend your work and the value of your research is clear, in the amount of historical detail that runs through the excerpt. I can see you've taken pains to build this historical period in a way that really comes alive for the reader… I admire your persistence - needed as a twelve volume saga won't get written without considerable stamina!”

Betty Pagan, Chief Editorial, Tor Books, UK

Immediately one sees that you have an excellent language and that the text is thoroughly worked through. And, as already pointed out: this is a very interesting genre... personally I greatly enjoy this type of book that mix fantasy and history.” (translated from Swedish)

Maria Fröberg, Redaktör, Argasso Bokförlag

“I enjoyed visiting your stand in Frankfurt!… I see the potential in your story, theme and target group…”

Christiane Branscheid, HarperCollins, DE

“It is an interesting read and you have for sure an interesting biography…”

Natalja Schmidt, Droumer Knaur, DE

“We appreciate the care you put into your work…”

Emily Steele, Editorial Director, Medalion Press Inc, US

“I’ve had a chance to read and to share with a colleague. We think it’s well-done and with a strong world… a piece of literary fiction…”

Peter Blackstock, Senior Editor, Grove/Atlantic Inc, US

“…this interesting project.”

Nick Kent, Managing Director, Peter Owen Publishers, UK

“Your excerpt of the book appears very interesting and we would be glad if you could send us the full manuscript.” (“Ihre Leseprobe hört sich sehr interessant an und wir würden uns freuen wenn Sie uns „Die Gebrandmarkte“ schicken würden.”)

Conny Roin, Manuskriptorganisation, Der Kleine Buch Verlag, DE

“The style is sober, but precisely because of this builds much tension… Thus, the author manages in a credible way to convey all facets of the universe created by him… This draws the reader immediately under the spell of the book… Very captivating and worth reading!” (translated from German)

Eingangslektorat, Literareon Verlag, DE

“….we would be glad to help you with the publication of your work. The first impression made by your book is very appealing.” (translated from German)

Katarina Grgic, Editorial office, Freiling-Verlag, DE

"We take much delight in your work „The Fire-Smoked“ and the excerpt catalysts a curiosity to see the full manuscript. We would enjoy a partnership in one way or another and would be glad to hear from you again.” (translated from German)

Annette Schobel, Verlags- und Imprintgruppe R. G. Fischer, DE

“You write really good!"

Johanna Kinch, Hedlunds Agency

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